Setting the Standard

Marri Flooring

Marri floors are characterised by beautiful natural features. In tones of soft cream and pale gold to light brown a marri floor is a stunning addition to any interior and suits both classic and contemporary palettes. At Whittakers Timber Products marri logs are expertly sawn, kiln dried and machined to produce flooring of the highest quality. A marri floor is hard wearing and durable and will remain a beautiful feature for many years to come.


Technical Information


Species Corymbia calophylla
Common name Marri
Growing region Found in jarrah and karri forests in south-west Western Australia
Colour range Cream and pale gold to light brown, dependent on the age of the wood
Workability Relatively easy to work with sharp tools
Durability 4 in ground /3 above ground for decay
4 in ground/3 above ground for decay + termites (CSIRO)
Density 1200kg/m3 (green)
650kg/m3 (kiln dried 12% moisture content)
Grades Feature & Better and Economy
Sizes 63x12 Tongue & Grooved Plain End Overlay
85x12 Tongue & Grooved Plain End Overlay
105x12 Tongue & Grooved Plain End Overlay


Caring for Your Timber Floor


Flooring manufactured by Whittakers Timber Products is strapped into packs ready for transport and double wrapped in plastic to minimise moisture uptake during transport and storage. Timber flooring is a natural product that is affected by its immediate environment, expanding when conditions are cool and wet and contracting when conditions are warm and dry.


Before all installations the floor layer should perform moisture checks around the site to ensure conditions are suitable for the installation of timber flooring. The moisture content of the flooring should also be checked upon delivery and during/after acclimatisation.


It is important that timber flooring be acclimatised prior to being installed. Flooring should be removed from its packaging and laid out in the environment it is to be installed in, ensuring all faces of the flooring are exposed to the ambient conditions.


Adequate sub floor ventilation is essential to the ongoing performance of a solid timber floor. Excessive humidity in the sub-floor, caused by factors such as inadequate ventilation, will lead to an uptake of moisture by the floor. This may lead to problems such as cupping or bulging. In the case of overlay flooring, it is essential the slab is clean and has a moisture content of 5% or below. We also recommend the installation of a moisture barrier prior to the installation of the floor.


A marri floor should always be installed by a professional layer experienced in all aspects of hardwood flooring installation. A variety of finishes can be applied to enhance the natural colour and grain of the floor and protect the timber from every day wear and tear.


Once laid and finished changes in the ambient conditions of the room should be avoided. Variations in temperature and humidity can cause the floor to absorb or release moisture, causing movement in the boards. Minimising the changes in the climatic conditions will minimise the amount of movement that occurs.


A solid timber floor can be easily cleaned with a lightly damp mop. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat and excessive wet mopping should be avoided.


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